Music Videos
A list of Music Videos I Produced.
Keep The Faith

Here is a small collection of some of the videos I have produced, shot, and edited in a music video style. Please enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below.

Mad At Me by Lil Foul ft. 2HottyThotty

Directed by: Lil Foul

Photographed by: Najada Davis

Directed by: G-Trill & Najada Davis

Camera Operator: Najada Davis
Dolly Grip: Finn Conlin
Head Editor: Najada Davis
Editor: Michael Taylor

When I Die - Lil Foul and G-Trill

Crew + Credits

Director / Art Director / Producer: Javier Davis
DoP/ Director / Producer / A Camera Operator: Najada Davis

Executive Producer: Lil Foul

Executive Producer: G-Trill
Co-producer: Allan Eva
Co-producer: Eric Wilson

Hype Man: Rashon Blake

Gaffer: Eric Martin
Studio Technician: Ryan Walmsley
Assistant Studio Technician: Hillary Takacs

Assistant Director: Nicole Merlino
B camera operator: Michael Pace
C camera operator / BTS Shooter: Willie Stickley
Key PA: Travis Gilkerson
Assistant Doll Inflator (Art PA): Darryn Suttles

Keep The Faith by Dr. Mike

Cleveland, OH


STOP by Lil Foul.

 Cleveland, OH


DROP by Lil Foul

Cleveland, OH

The LCC Happy Video

This project is from the Spring of 2014. If you can remember the "Happy" phenomenon that spread across the world after Pharell Williams released his video for Happy. This video ended up being the Largest Project of The Spring Season, 2014. It was shot over 5 days at Lakeland Community College. We got quite a few students, some faculty and staff to participate in this project, and I want to give a big thanks to everyone who participated. Also, I would like to give recognition to Mr. Sharkey for expressing his interest in seeing a Happy video for Lakeland, and I want to thank Student Activities for their support. This video was played at my graduating class' commencement ceremony right before the procession began. S/O to Erin Miller and Syracuse University for helping us get started!! - Lakeland Community College - Music by Pharrell Williams - Sony Music Entertainment & Columbia Records - Spring 2014

Directed by Najada Davis

Camera Operated by Tony Johnson & Najada Davis