We produce clean and professional wedding videos, customized and catered to each day. In this way, we are able to capture the true beauty of each relationship. The love shared between each couple is unique, and we work to make sure each video is an authentic reflection of that bond.
Jessica & Adam

11-27-2021 - Jessica & Adam
This is their Highlight Video covering the entirety of the day.
Yes...that is a real snow storm. O.o Lol

Kari & Connor

06.19.2021 - Kari & Connor
The second installment in the Fish Family Legacy!

Paying homage to his brother Cullin, who got married just two years prior,
Connor and his groomsmen were captured getting ready at the same location
followed by a toast with Heineken (on ICE) to pay respect to their late grandfather
who would've loved to see these two gents fall in love and make a grand commitment.

I love this part of the video because of how similar it was to Cullin's wedding! <3
Super cool to be in the room on both occasions.

Jamiyl & Vanessa

12-31-2021 - Jamiyl & Vanessa
This is their Full Highlight Video covering the entirety of the day.
From New Years Eve until New Years Day 2022, it was wonderful!

Laura & Jacob

9-4-2021 - Laura and Jacob
This is their Full Highlight Video covering the entirety of the day.

Joshua & Ashley

10/02/2020 - Joshua & Ashley
I ran into Ashley on Facebook looking for a videographer to save the day, last minute. This is definitely one to remember!

Holly & Cullin
7/13/2019 - Holly & Cullin
This is the full highlight video which is a 3 part, 16 minute Wedding Film.

The Joneses
9/01/2019 - Jessica & Nathaniel Jones
A perfect example... <3

Flying High

Beautiful Day + Great Location = Gorgeous Aerial Footage